What is Concierge Medicine?

Posted on: Sep 19 2018

In today’s busy world, carving time out to take care of our health can be a challenge. Long waits to get on a doctor’s schedule, endless hours in a waiting room, and the feeling that your five-minute exam may not have been as helpful as you needed all contribute to our hesitation to seek care, even when required. The good news is that you can now bypass all of these barriers to care, and have a personal doctor on call through a new concept called concierge wellness.

What is Concierge Wellness?

Concierge wellness is a comprehensive, medically-based approach to personal wellness. Enrolling in a concierge program offers the peace of mind of having a primary care physician at your fingertips.

Traditional doctor’s visits are preceded by lengthy and complicated phone calls. You may be asked a series of questions regarding your injury or injury history. After finally getting past many questions, you then start the process of trying to find an available date. You could potentially be looking weeks down the road!

However, all of these hassles can be avoided by enlisting in concierge medicine. One benefit of a concierge program is the close doctor-patient relationship that is unattainable in traditional medicine. This includes having a direct line of contact between you and your physician! As physicians who practice concierge medicine tend to have significantly fewer patients, this plan provides greater attention for each client.

What Should I Know About a Concierge Program?

A concierge program is a tool for medical care. It enables you to bypass the most dreadful parts of a doctor’s visit – scheduling lines, waiting for appointments, and then more waiting for a follow-up on tests. Connecting with your concierge physician can be as simple as a text message.

With less patients to care for, the concierge physician will have a more open schedule than traditional physicians. As you build a relationship with your physician, your care becomes more streamlined and the communication over results, next steps, and preventive care improves. In addition, your physician will have more time to talk through all facets of your health, not just the main cause of an office visit.

What Can I Expect from a Concierge Physician?

You can expect a concierge physician to know who you are. You will be facilitating your entire care plan with them, and letting them quarterback your health.

If you’d like to skip the traditional process of scheduling your next visit to the doctor, concierge wellness may be what you need. Enjoy the comfort of a direct line to your physician and never worry about making time to fit in a visit weeks down the road.

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