How to Avoid Three Common Gym Form Mistakes

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Posted on: Jun 13 2018

Bad gym form is a problem for many gym-goers, and it can lead to risk of herniated disks, rotator cuff tears, torn Anterior Cruciate Ligaments (ACLs), and other serious injuries. The good news is that bad gym form can be easily corrected with personal training, if you know what to look for. MPOWER personal trainers share the biggest form offenders and how you can fix them:

Candy Cane Deadlifts

This form offender is named after the curvature in the back that resembles that of a candy cane. Putting the pressure of the lift into your upper back can lead to herniated disks or back sprains that get worse over time. Instead, your back should be neutral as you perform the deadlift, which distributes the weight evenly across your back, glutes, and legs.

Personal Training Candy Cane Deadlift

Personal Training Good Deadlift

Knock Knees During Squats

Another mistake that personal trainers see is knock knees. Some clients tend to angle their knees inwards during squats, producing a dangerous movement that can lead to injury of the ACL, a scary picture for all athletes.

Knock knees are preventable, and there are a few measures you can take to work on better squat form. Stretching hip abductors prevents muscles imbalances in the hip, and for further muscle balance, develop glutes with lunges and step-ups. As your glutes are a major component of the squat, strengthening them beforehand will put less stress on other areas. Another method you can try is using a squat band just above the knees, which will improve your form over time.

Personal Training Knock Knees

Personal Training Good Squat

Row Bows

The row is one more exercise that can be completed dangerously, as people tend to swing their elbows out up high rather than keeping them straight down low. This mistake puts them at risk for back and shoulder injuries. Instead, bring your elbows in as your arms come back.

Personal Training Rows Bows

Personal Training Good Row

Other Common Mistakes

While deadlifts, squats, and rows tend to give their clients the most trouble, the personal trainers cited a few more exercises that are commonly performed incorrectly. Lunges are done while arching backs, leading to potential issues in the lower back. Heads and necks are situated in an unsafe manner during pushups and lat pull-downs. Even a simple pull-up can cause problems.

These are just a few of the most common mistakes that personal trainers see. If you are beginning a new routine, or looking to up your training, make sure to do your research before hitting the weight rack. Seek out a personal trainer if you need a hands-on demo. Otherwise, you may end up with a candy cane in the middle of summer.

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