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Mary Jo Shankle - Testimonial


I began my journey with Elite Sports Medicine when I had an unexpected and unavoidable rotator cuff surgery with Dr. David Moore for a torn supraspinatus. After my surgery, I began physical therapy at MPOWER in Green Hills.

At MPOWER I received physical therapy and massage therapy services. In physical therapy, I worked with Brett, and his PT Tech, Bryson. Brett and Bryson are a great team; very knowledgeable, patient, and supportive. I am also very impressed with what I have seen of Brett’s leadership as Facility Manager.

In addition, I worked with Massage Therapist, Ashley. I began massage therapy six weeks after my surgery and I am convinced that it has helped immensely in regaining full range of motion in my shoulder. Ashley is an excellent practitioner and is very intuitive about the needs of her patients.

Everyone at the Green Hills location is friendly, professional, and encouraging. It feels like a club where everyone is rooting for your progress and recovery. The Experience Coordinator, Rachael, is available anytime I need her help with scheduling and questions. She is always checking in to ensure that I am having a good experience.

Thanks to the team at MPOWER, I am well on the way to complete recovery and have been able to resume many daily activities that were too painful before surgery and therapy. My experience has been very positive, and I would recommend MPOWER to anyone.

Marina von Rutenberg

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