4 Steps Towards Weight Loss

Posted on: Mar 14 2019

A healthy lifestyle change is both a beneficial and challenging task to undertake. It may be necessary for an endless list of reasons specific to your current health, goals, or self-esteem. A decision to eat healthier and exercise are surefire ways to improve health. However, the results of these changes may not be immediately visible. But don’t let that make you doubt your efforts!

Before you throw in the towel, check your progress with these important milestones:

Setting GOALS

This is arguably your most important milestone. You realize it’s time for a change and set a plan for improvement. Whatever your reason, you’ve realized that you’re ready to alter your lifestyle and feel healthier, stronger, or more confident in your daily life.

This mindset change involves turning a situation you deem as “not good enough” and creating optimism for your future self by setting goals. When setting goals, aim to be realistic as possible while still setting a high enough standard to push yourself and stay motivated.

Tips for goal setting:

  1. Start small and think of achievable short-term goals
  2. Ask an expert for help in setting your goals, plan, or as a partner in your lifestyle change

Once you’ve set your goals, you’ve completed the first step to change.

Hitting the First Goals

If you’ve set your goals properly, then you should have some achievable checkpoints on your way to change. You are now ready to kick your plan into action.

To get you started, visiting a weight loss specialist (i.e. a personal trainer or nutritionist) can provide you with safe exercises, meal plans, and tips to help you achieve your goals. Think of these specialists as your support system.

Remember, weight loss is a journey – one that won’t always be smooth sailing. As you hit each checkpoint along the way, realize the importance of each step you’ve made towards change. Don’t be discouraged by a mishap here or there. It’s bound to happen and rebounding with a positive mindset will get you right back to achieving an overall goal that is everlasting!

Once you’ve nailed down those first few goals, you’ve completed your next step towards change.

Feeling the Physical and Mental Health Benefits

After each achieving goal-after-goal, you may begin to see your progress. There are countless health benefits of weight loss if done correctly. According to the CDC, most people start feeling the benefits when they lose 5-10% of their body weight. Some health benefits include:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce risk of heart disease
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Improve cholesterol levels

Weight loss benefits go well beyond your physical health. Through diet and exercise, you should start feeling an increase in positive moods, energy levels, and better sleep due to your body releasing endorphins that promote happiness and other positive effects. It’s important to note that not everyone will experience the same benefits and will be driven by your previous health, level of exercise, and the foods that you eat.

Once you’ve started feeling the physical and mental health benefits of weight loss, you have now completed the next step towards change.

KeepING the Change

By sticking to your plan, getting help along the way, and keeping a positive mind, you should ultimately reach your weight loss goal. Once you’re there, keep going! You don’t necessarily need to keep losing weight, but once you’ve achieved a healthy weight, maintain it. Keep eating healthy and exercising in order to experience more of the amazing benefits that come with them. Set new goals, for instance, running a 5k, achieving a weight lifting landmark, or returning to a sport you used to play.

If you’ve achieved your goals and are now maintaining them, you’ve completed the four steps towards change.

Not everyone that sets a weight loss goal is going to experience dramatic change. In fact, for some people, losing an extreme amount of weight may be an unhealthy change. Weight loss should be a positive change for those who need it.

Positive results drive a positive mind. Experience the physical and mental benefits that weight loss will bring to those who need it!

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