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MPOWER Kristen Carr testimonials

Kristen Carr – Experience Coordinator

Hi, I’m Kristen Carr! I’ve been with Elite and MPOWER since 2008. I joined the team as an administrative assistant/front desk but have held many roles over the years. Currently, I am the physical therapy scheduler at MPOWER in Green Hills. I appreciate the flexibility that this job offers me as a single mother, but what I really love about working here is the opportunity that it gives me to really get to know our patients and hear about the walks of life that they are on. After I leave work, it’s strictly “Mommy Mode,” but I feel comfortable here knowing that I can be there as a mother if needed. Everyone here is so friendly and it feels like home.

I can say I’m proud to work at MPOWER because we are committed to our patients and stand by our mission of personal health and wellness. I’ve grown a lot since I started in 2008. You receive constructive criticism here, criticism that is good for you and makes you a better worker. I would tell someone considering a career at MPOWER to be committed. It’s not overwhelming, but it’s not a job where you sit around all day doing nothing. I’d also tell them that it’s a great work environment where you’ll make friends and have plenty of mentors.

MPOWER Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller – Administrative Assistant

My name is Rachel Miller and I’ve been with MPOWER since early 2017, but I had actually been coming to MPOWER for physical therapy prior to joining the team. I was a collegiate soccer player and experienced a career-ending foot injury my sophomore year. While it was a tough time, I found that the people here at MPOWER, from the physical therapists to the management team, made this terrible situation bearable.

I graduated and my mom was still at MPOWER receiving physical therapy when I saw a job posting here and thought it would be worth a shot to apply. I told her about this and the next day she, of course, tells the physical therapist I had seen following my injury. He asked for my resume and sent out an email to his employer, and the next week I had an interview. I clicked with the team here and found my very first job out of college.

It’s been great, I love it here! I love the people because they are so helpful. I was a nervous wreck my first week but there are such great mentors here at MPOWER that helped guide me through the transition out of college. I’ve built relationships and have made myself available to anyone that needs me. Being able to work for a company that has high standards and expectations makes me proud. It’s amazing being able to say that I work for MPOWER and people know exactly what I’m talking about. MPOWER has a great reputation around Nashville.

I’ve grown tremendously during my time here. I didn’t have a wide range of knowledge about healthcare or insurance, but with the teaching environment that MPOWER provides, I quickly learned. I’ve been able to grow my skills in this field and as a person. I would tell anyone considering a career at MPOWER that I’m such a small percentage of people that genuinely love their job, especially their first one! It’s definitely worth sending in that application.

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