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MPOWER MD is a comprehensive, medically-based approach to personal wellness. By providing the highest level of access to premier physicians, unsurpassed coordination of care, and physician supervision of exercise and nutrition regimens, we empower our clients to achieve their optimal health.

What is a Concierge Physician?

A Concierge Physician is a primary care physician who accepts a membership fee in order to allow patients to have direct access to them. This allows a patient to bypass a standard scheduling process in order to directly communicate with their care team and receive priority care.

A Concierge Physician quarterbacks your healthcare as your single point of medical contact, coordinating with specialists and other health and wellness providers. If you don’t have the time to play phone tag with a scheduling department, wait for a physician’s schedule to open up for an appointment, or wait for follow-up calls, a Concierge Physician is for you.

In addition, a Concierge Physician housed in a performance institute and orthopedics practice gives an added bonus that personal training, massage therapy, physical therapy, nutrition, and orthopedics is easily accessible, with priority given to concierge patients.

How does concierge medicine differ from the traditional medical care I receive now?

A Concierge Physician offers you direct access to your care team, both in and out of traditional office hours. Whether you need to be seen by primary care, a specialist, or simply need to follow-up with a question. Your concierge physician can easily refer you to recommended specialists.

You will also receive quick appointment scheduling, and will be seen the same day or day after you call. You’ll never have to go to a walk-in clinic when a physician can’t fit you in again!

The biggest benefit to concierge wellness is having one medical practitioner overseeing all of your healthcare.

How can Concierge Medicine improve my health?

Having a concierge physician will cut down on the number of physicians and offices you’ll have to coordinate with, while increasing the quality of care you receive. Having one point of contact for all of your healthcare needs, from personal training to the run-of-the-mill sinus infection, allows you to place your care plan into qualified hands while you focus on improving your health.

What if I require the care of a specialist?

Your Concierge Physician guides and directs you to a recommended specialist and helps coordinate that care.

Why enroll in a concierge wellness program?

The program is intended for those who are looking for someone to coordinate care and make taking care of your health needs easier. While health is a top priority for so many, it can also be the first thing that gets neglected in today’s busy world.

What are the long-term benefits of concierge medicine?

The consistency of having one medical resource allows for better coordination of care, is more convenient, and you have ensured continuity of care.

What are other services offered, that are not offered in traditional medicine?

MPOWER’s concierge wellness program takes an integrated wellness approach, tying in personal training, massage, orthopedics, physical therapy, nutrition, and advanced medical testing. For example, V02 Max testing and comprehensive allergen testing.

Are there tax deductions for health services?

Yes, in the following situations where your concierge physician has prescribed you personal training or other health professional services:

Therapists, nurses, etc. The services of individuals other than doctors can qualify as long as the services relate to a medical condition and aren’t for general health. For example, costs of physical therapy after knee surgery would qualify, but not costs of a fitness counselor to tone you up. Amounts paid for certain long-term care services required by a chronically ill individual also qualify as deductible medical expenses.

Weight-loss programs. A weight-loss program is a deductible medical expense if undertaken as treatment for a disease diagnosed by a physician. The disease can be obesity itself or another disease, such as hypertension or heart disease, for which the doctor directs you to lose weight. It’s a good idea to get a written diagnosis before starting the program. Deductible expenses include fees paid to join the program and to attend periodic meetings. However, the cost of low-calorie food that you eat in place of your regular diet isn’t deductible.

Learn more about MPOWER’s Concierge Wellness Program here.

Additional Information: Concierge Wellness Information Sheet


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