Concierge FAQ

Want to know more about our concierge wellness program and its benefits? Read more below. Please reach out to 615.815.3799 with any additional questions!

How much does concierge wellness with MPOWER cost?

There is a one-year service charge of $1,850. However, discounts are available when combined along with a long-term personal training program through MPOWER. The entire membership fee is due upon enrollment.

Do I have to sign up for an entire year?

Yes, our program requires a one-year commitment.

How do I use my concierge wellness program?

After enrollment, you will be scheduled for a physical and integrated wellness consult. A care plan will be determined from the results, including follow-ups, further testing, and recommendations on lifestyle changes. You are given the physician’s cell phone number and are encouraged to call with your healthcare needs as they arise. The physician can also prescribe your personal training, nutrition, and massage therapy, as needed. In MPOWER’s integrated wellness approach, all programming for nutrition and personal training is physician-reviewed.

How does my insurance policy work within the concierge wellness structure?

Insurance continues to pay for all covered services under your policy.

Does my membership fee cover my office visits?

No, the membership fee covers your enrollment and access to the concierge physician. All office visits are billed to your insurance.

What other benefits come with my concierge wellness program?

MPOWER’s concierge wellness program comes with multiple additional benefits, as the program is housed in a performance institute.

You will be offered a functional movement screen to determine how your body moves and the mobility of your joints and muscles. This can be used for further programming to improve your overall mobility.

Your membership fee also includes a personal training session, a dietary analysis and plan, goal-setting and wellness evaluation, resting metabolic rate assessment, V02 Max testing, a cardiac stress test, EKG, a body movement assessment, and discounts on both nutrition and personal training packages.

Should you require it, you will also receive injury consultations with physical therapists and discounted V02 Max testing.

Does this cost include additional family members?

The $1,850 fee is for an individual. Please note that the fee is per person, and that each additional family member, including children, will need their own membership. Due to policy, we are unable to accommodate anyone under the age of 18 for the concierge program. However, all ages are welcome to utilize the other wellness services of MPOWER.

What will I do if the concierge physician is not available?

Our physician has designated a back-up team of on-call healthcare providers to be available in the event that she is unavailable for any reason. In addition, MPOWER staff will be available, by phone or email, to ensure that you receive the necessary attention and care.

How do I schedule appointments with the concierge physician?

You will have access to the concierge physician directly via her cell phone, and you may contact designated MPOWER staff to assist with communication.

Does concierge wellness through MPOWER take the place of my personal insurance policy?

No. You should strongly consider maintaining a personal insurance policy even if you choose concierge wellness through MPOWER Performance Institute. Services such as physician visits, lab work, and diagnostic tests will be an additional expense to you and some form of insurance can be helpful in providing you access to preferred and discounted rates, as well as a financial supplement to your out-of-pocket burdens for these costs.

Must I have a health insurance policy to purchase concierge wellness through MPOWER?

No, but it may not be advisable to go without insurance, as concierge wellness is not designed to take the place of your personal health insurance plan.

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