Kimberly Wolf-King

Personal Trainer Kimberly Wolf-King

MPOWER Physical Therapist – Midtown

BA, Exercise Science – Florida Atlantic University
Doctorate of Physical Therapy – Nova Southeastern University

Certifications: Blood Flow Restricted Training
Years of Experience: 2

A dancer of twenty years, Kimberly is fascinated by the motions of the human body. Kimberly took her interest in motion and applied it to her education. After receiving her degree in exercise science and health promotion at Florida Atlantic University, she received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University. Learn more about having Kimberly as your physical therapist:

Physical Therapy Philosophy

The quality of overall human motion is incredibly important. Making sure all the surrounding mechanics are functioning properly is critical to help injured areas.

What to Expect About Working with Kimberly

Expect to work hard, get fatigued, but have fun and laugh along the way.

Her Greatest Success

A patient of mine had a fractured patella that required surgery. At their first evaluation they barely had 70 degrees of flexion and their gait mechanics were very altered. After 8 weeks, they had greater than 130 degrees flexion and made a full return to ADL’s and tennis. They never thought they would run again. Their shock at their progress was satisfaction in and of itself.

Her Expertise

Dance, gymnastics, soccer, and baseball

Her Favorite Motivational Quote

“Don’t let the fear out of ‘what if,’ ruin the joy of what is.”

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