Baker Mulherin

Personal Trainer Baker Mulherin

MPOWER Personal Trainer – Green Hills, Midtown

BA, Interactive Physiology – University of Colorado

Certifications: CSCS
Years of Experience: 5

As a competitive runner, Baker saw many injuries in athletes around him and got interested in strength and conditioning as a means of injury prevention. After earning his BA in Interactive Physiology, Baker began looking for ways to integrate his love of wellness with the ability to coach 1 on 1. While Baker was a high school track and field star and pole vaulter, he now focuses his speed on a different sport: Ultimate Frisbee. Learn more about having Baker as your personal trainer:

Personal Training Philosophy

Form follows function. Train for the activity and the tasks you want to perform and everything else will fall into place. Then take the strength and fitness you have developed and go apply it in the real world! Sign up for a competition and test yourself.

What to Expect About Working with Baker

We are going to start slow by learning proper movements and mechanics first. It is always important to know why and how we perform movements, not just what.

His Greatest Success

Success happens when clients feel empowered to train on their own and successfully address their own injuries.

I had a client with a post-op hip labral tear that started out having difficulty doing any weight room movements without pain. After consistent work, the client learned how to activate proper muscles before training and now, a few years after surgery, can do any activity while also feeling comfortable dealing with aches and pains encountered along the way.

His Expertise

Track and field, cross country running, cross training for track and field athletes, exercise modification for back and spinal injuries, and adaptive exercise

His Favorite Motivational Quote

Be consistent before you are heroic.

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