Diana Craddock

Massage Therapist Diana Craddock

MPOWER Massage Therapist – Cool Springs

Therapeutic Massage – Cumberland Institute of Holistic Therapies

Years of Experience: 8

Diana believes in making a difference in people’s health by providing massage therapy. Through therapeutic massage, the mind and body refresh and remove stress for the time being. Learn more about having Diana as your massage therapist:

Massage Therapy Philosophy

I have a strong passion to help others get relief from pain, tightness and everyday stressors.

What to Expect About Working with Diana

I take it slow, assess where the body is holding tension, and go as deep as the tissue allows! There’s a big difference between deep and hard!

Her Greatest Success

I had a client who suffered a concussion and whiplash. While they were put on restricted rest, they developed a frozen shoulder. From there, they were recommended to me. After several weeks of very gentle work, they had regained full range of motion in the neck and shoulder.

Her Expertise

I bridge the treatment program, where a physical therapy patient may be in need of more soft tissue work than their therapist can provide.

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