Hunter Ritenour

Personal Trainer Hunter Ritenour

MPOWER Personal Trainer – Green Hills

Certifications: NASM-CPT
Years of Experience: 4

An athlete from an early age, Hunter could often be found on the basketball court. After finding success there, he later picked up track, rugby, and martial arts to challenge himself further. Having joined MPOWER in 2017, Hunter has made it his mission to provide clients an improved lifestyle through personal training. Learn more about having Hunter as your personal trainer:

Personal Training Philosophy

It all starts with a healthy balance of exercise and functional compound movements that challenge the nervous system. Together, these form the perfect recipe for long term strength, endurance, and overall health.

What to Expect About Working with Hunter

Any client that works with me should expect a fun and engaging environment, every session. I will never be the coach with a whistle in your ear, however, every session should feel as though you’ve left everything on the gym floor and I will motivate you to that point. I highly value the trainer/client relationship and making a long-lasting connection with all.

His Greatest Success

A client I worked with came to me at what they called their lowest point in years. Seven years prior to this visit, they had suffered a stroke that caused their muscle mass to waste away. Now, just one month prior to our first session, they suffered a heart attack, as well. Their weight was dangerously low and they mentioned that they had never performed a pull-up.

After a year of monitoring their diet and training each month, they added about 15 pounds back to their frame. Not only did they complete a pull-up, they were doing 10 per set! It was a joy seeing their resilience and is one reason that I love my job.

His Expertise

Body weight focused exercise; tying the dimensions of calisthenics, weight lifting, and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to maximize performance and functionality.

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