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Joy Kanies

Massage Therapist Joy Kanies

MPOWER Massage Therapist – Midtown, Cool Springs

Graduate of the Cumberland Institute of Wellness Education

Certifications: LMT, CCH
Years of Experience: 21

Joy has always been drawn to natural and preventative medicine, and has a strong passion for helping her family and others stay well. She is a second-generation massage therapist. After becoming certified, Joy started her own private massage therapy practice. She left her practice to take a job at a day spa so she could spend more time with her wonderful sons. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and spending time with nature. Learn more about having Joy as your massage therapist:

Massage Therapy Philosophy

There are many preventative benefits to receiving regular massage therapy, as well as being therapeutic after injury. I use massage on my clients to increase circulation, relieve tension and stress, improve sleep and promote healing and relaxation throughout the entire body.

What to Expect About Working with Joy

You should expect individual attention to the goals or issues you are having. Expect me to be your biggest cheerleader on the path to recovery and wellness.

Her Greatest Success

I had worked with a client for a period of time that had huge knots in their traps the size of grapefruits. Every week to two weeks when they came for their massage, I noticed the knots decreasing in size. After two months of regular therapy, they were nearly gone.

Her Expertise

Deep tissue, Swedish, Lymphatic, Myofascial release, Chair Massage, and Acupressure.

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