Kara Smith

Personal Trainer Kara Smith

MPOWER Personal Trainer – Green Hills

BS, Kinesiology/Nutrition – Central Michigan University

Certifications: NASM-CPT
Years of Experience: 1

A multisport athlete, Kara loves to push herself to the limits. After overcoming insecurities surrounding her body image, Kara decided she wanted to do the same for others. She believes that no person should feel uncomfortable in their own skin. With her passion for educating others about fitness and nutrition, her goal is to make her clients’ lifestyle changes transition seamlessly. Learn more about having Kara as your personal trainer:

Personal Training Philosophy

Her philosophy is to push her clients in a safe way in to help them see their own potential and reach their goals.

What to Expect About Working with Kara

Expect to learn. I think that if you help someone understand the reason behind a lifestyle change, the motivation to stick to that change will last and give them motivation to continue. I preach that body change is a process, but if you stay consistent and work hard, the results will come.

Her Greatest Success

In 2017, I created a Winter Challenge for my clients and one really stood out to me. The challenge consisted of exercise and nutrition guidelines that were to be followed for two months. As they participated in this challenge, I would educate them every week with a new topic in order to help them with their decision-making. They all did a great job, but one client exceeded my expectations. By committing them self to healthy food choices, doing cardio, and always showing up, they were able to lose 13 pounds and 9 inches. After completing the challenge, they continued with their new lifestyle and made even more progress. It’s an awesome feeling to be able to make an enormous impact in someone’s life.

Her Expertise

Kara excels in weight loss. She has the perfect combination of motivation and comfortability to help her clients succeed. She also loves strength based training.

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