Kyle Klotz

Personal Trainer Kyle Klotz

MPOWER Personal Trainer – Green Hills

BA, Sports Administration- Belmont University

Certifications: CSC, FMS

As a lifelong pitcher, Kyle is an expert when it comes to the development of athletes. He played collegiately at Belmont University as a relief pitcher, setting pitching records during his time there. Along with baseball, Kyle loves playing golf and practicing new sounds on his guitar. Learn more about having Kyle as your personal trainer:

Personal Training Philosophy

I believe in training the entire body through a full range of motion in order for our strength to be functional and our bodies to be as resilient as possible.

What to Expect About Working with Kyle

Simplistic approach to training based on consistency and discipline. Everything is done with a purpose, with short term and long term goals in mind.

His Greatest Success

I and a client that was able to increase their muscle mass by 8 pounds and decrease their body fat percentage by 4% as well as increasing their vertical by 3 inches in a three week cycle.

His Expertise

General athletic development and body composition

His Favorite Motivational Quote

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

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