Rowell Arcibal

Personal Trainer Rowell Arcibal

MPOWER Personal Trainer – Cool Springs

BA, Exercise Science – Middle Tennessee State University

Rowell was interning alongside a physical therapist when he realized he wanted to help people in a similar way. He focused on exercise and overall health, and worked at multiple gyms prior to joining MPOWER. Learn more about having Rowell as your personal trainer:

Personal Training Philosophy

I want to provide different tools that will help my clients with daily life. If I can help improve their lifestyle, then that’s a win for me!

What to Expect About Working with Rowell

Clients can expect to learn healthy habits under my guidance. I like to explain the purpose of each exercise we do, to help them understand the effect of working each muscle group.

His Greatest Success

I’ve helped a client lose 20-plus pounds and they constantly tells me how much better they feel now. Changing a lifestyle takes time, and I want my clients to know that I’m here to help them get there.

His Expertise

Weight loss and building muscle

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