Winston Gordon

Personal Trainer Winston Gordon

MPOWER Personal Trainer – COOL SPRINGS

BS, Exercise Science – The Ohio State University

Certifications: ACSM C-EP
Years of Experience: 3

It would be difficult to find a more experienced athlete than Winston. In high school, his four sports were baseball, golf, basketball and track. He is still an avid golfer and participates in the Warrior Dash run a few times per year. With his background, he has worked with everyone from the OSU Women’s Basketball Team to mud-runners. He also knows that fitness is lifestyle choice, and has always been interested in the behavioral side of exercise. Learn more about having Micah as your personal trainer:

Personal Training Philosophy

Each person defines his or her own interpretation of what “fit” means; my job is to guide that definition using proven research and knowledge, in order to help clients find the healthiest and “fittest” version of themselves.

What to Expect About Working with Winston

I will work hard to find enjoyable, productive, and challenging ways to exercise that is tailored to each individual person.

His Greatest Success

I helped one client put on 50 pounds of muscle in 18 months.

His Expertise

Sports-specific training; runners (short- and medium-distance training); those who need accountability in and out of the gym

His Favorite Motivational Quote

Leadership is influence based on trust you’ve earned. (Urban Meyer)

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