MPOWER Performance focuses on taking care of the whole person with a holistic approach.

MPOWER Performance takes a holistic approach to help bring patients and clients to peak performance.  The Recovery Room is designed to provide clients with a place to rejuvenate, recover and restore. This is a specialized environment integrates recovery-based services with clinical oversight by an onsite Registered Nurse and our Concierge Wellness Director, Dr. Leah Cordovez.


IV Therapy:

IV Therapy offers many quick and effective benefits by delivering nutrients directly into the bloodstream to improve your overall health and wellness.  Benefits of IV therapy include:  enhancing athletic performance; improving recovery from strenuous activity or exertion; boosting immune system; helping with age management; and, reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression and migraines.

NormaTec System:

NormaTec System is a dynamic compression technology that is designed to remove lactic acid from arms, legs and hips muscles.   The system reoxygenates the muscles by applying an air pressure massage with pulsing movements through sleeves that can enhance performance, help in preventing injuries, accelerate recovery time, and increase circulation to the treated areas of the body. Whether you are an athlete, stand on your feet many hours a day, or have been traveling – this technology has many benefits for targeted areas, or for the whole body.

Zen Awakening Massage Chair:

The Zen Awakening chair uses technology to deliver a personalized full body massage tailored to your needs. The treatment is enhanced by the chair’s ability to measure – and adjust itself – to allow for just the right amount of pressure during your massage. Heat compression is onboard.  Benefits of the Zen Awakening include an increase in blood circulation, back pain relief, lowering blood pressure, improved sleep, and reduction in anxiety and depression.

Game Ready Therapy:

Game Ready Therapy treatments provide iceless cold compression sleeves for recovery and post-surgery rehabilitation.  Widely used in top therapy and rehabilitation environments, the Game Ready system is one of the best technologies for recovery after injury or surgery.  The system assists with pain alleviation, reduction of swelling and muscle spasms, and acceleration of the natural healing process.

Infrared Sauna:

The Infrared Sauna uses infrared light to heat you directly instead of just heating the air around you. This technology allows the body to dispose of toxins from the skin and blood stream, and boost performance while promoting relaxation. Our sauna has chromotherapy technology where light cycles through a variety of colors to produce different results.  Saunas are commonly used for skin health, detox, athletic recovery, improving circulation, weight loss and metabolism boost, improving sleep, and joint and muscle pain relief.


For a limited time we're offering introductory pricing.

GameReady Cold Compression Therapy – $15

Massage Chair: 15 Minutes – $10, 30 Minutes – $20

Normatec Recovery System: 20 Minutes – $20, 60 Minutes – $50

Stretching Program (Lower Body): 15 Minutes – $15

Hydration (IV Electrolytes)$45

Repair (IV + Glutathione)$85

Migraine Relief (IV + Magnesium)$55

Revive & Repair (IV + Myers’ Cocktail)$100

Advanced Repair & Prepare (IV + Myers’ Cocktail + Glutathione) – $140

Pain Relief (IV + Toradol)$65

Advanced Migraine Relief (IV + Toradol + Magnesium )$95

Nausea Relief (IV + Zofran)$65

Pain Relief  (Toradol Injection)$40

Nausea Relief (Zofran)$40

$25 per session




Justin Ellison

Recovery Room Registered Nurse

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