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Maintain or return to activities required for your everyday life with occupational therapy in Nashville, TN. Occupational therapy is coming to a Nashville or Franklin MPOWER location near you soon.

Occupational Therapy in Nashville, TN (Coming to MPOWER Soon)

Occupational therapy is a healthcare service that aims to help individuals maintain or return to everyday life. Occupational therapy is different from other branches of therapy or medicine in that it can be used as a measure of preventive care. While occupational therapy may be used to return from injury, there are many instances of occupational therapists providing care for individuals without any preceding injury.

MPOWER's Nashville occupational therapists work with patients of varying backgrounds and degrees of treatment. With the aid of orthopedic doctors next door, MPOWER's occupational therapists perform therapeutic tasks that reflect daily living in patients' lives. Occupational therapy can be used to improve activities performed:
  • At work or school
  • In the home
  • On the go (grocery shopping, driving, and more)
MPOWER believes it provides the best occupational therapy in Nashville and Franklin, TN with access to some of the nation's top orthopedists, state-of-the-art technology and therapeutic practices, and amazing indoor and outdoor facilities.

If you are in need of occupational therapy in Tennessee, request an appointment online or call us today.