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We believe that relationships and custom personal performance programs lead to better results. Therefore, our personal training model is created around the 1-on-1 experience. MPOWER is personal training reinforced by medical expertise.  By focusing on your personal health circumstances and musculoskeletal history, we develop a unique plan to promote your progress while focusing on injury avoidance.

Before beginning your MPOWER personal training program, we establish a performance baseline through a scientific screening process.  This approach assists us in determining a safe yet optimal approach to help you go further faster.

Our coaches design plans based on your goals and current wellness circumstances.  MPOWER clients benefit from the coordination of a strength and cardiovascular fitness regimen.  In addition, our physical therapists are onsite and available to our clients for injury screening. All training programs are conducted in medical facilities coupled with orthopedic and other medical specialists.

Return-to-Sport Performance Programs are also available to post-rehabilitative patients seeking to safely return to competitive sport following discharge from physical therapy programs.

At MPOWER, we tailor our performance training to each individual’s personal goals. We offer multiple packages to suit everyone’s needs, from one to five sessions a week, one month to one year.

We’d love for you to experience how MPOWER can help you attain real results. Call 615.815.3777 to learn more about how our training can help you achieve your goals!

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