“I’ve had several injuries over the years, from hips to shoulders to rib injuries. Dr. Elrod has been great and great to work with. He’s gotten me healthy as quick as possible with no reoccurrence of injuries.

Kenny and the staff at MPOWER helped me get through therapy, which is the most important part in any injury; getting back to 100% and making sure your body is recovered and strong again to get back out on the road to do what you do. For me it’s golf. It’s been super important having all of their services here. It got me back to being healthy a lot faster.”

Brandt Snedeker, PGA Tour Player

Tennis Player

“Throughout my years of playing professional tennis, I have unfortunately suffered several injuries. (six surgeries and various other problems). I cannot even count how many trainers I have seen and rehab facilities I’ve visited. Due to my extensive rehab experiences, I am able to easily distinguish between average places and great ones. After spending several months rehabbing my surgically repaired lateral meniscus at Mpower Fitness, I can honestly say that the rehab experience here is top notch.

In my opinion, I think the greatest asset of Mpower is its team approach, both within Mpower and through its partnership with Elite Sports Medicine. When it comes to my rehab plan, Kenny and his staff have excellent communication and are always on the same page. All the PTs, Stephanie (nutritionist), and Staci (my fitness trainer) have all worked hard together to provide me with the help I need for a successful return to the tour. It’s also a great feeling to know that Kenny is always in close contact with Dr. Elrod at Elite in case I have a question about my knee.

I am currently in my final stages of my rehab and am hopeful that my first event will be July 22nd in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m confident that with another month, Kenny will have my knee prepared to take on the physicality that tennis brings. I’m definitely excited for the summer!

Overall, Mpower provides a great service and hosts a first class facility. Every staff member has been extremely professional and courteous, which makes the experience that much more enjoyable. If you are injured or need any personal training, I strongly recommend Mpower.”



“Dealing with injuries for two years, I chose MPOWER to do my therapy. I rehabbed my shoulder for one year and the MPOWER staff helped me get back on to the field quickly and made me ready to play at the highest level possible. After the season, I had season ending surgery and MPOWER has helped me with concerns and exercises to help strengthen and prepare for the season. I have been extremely happy with the MPOWER group as a whole. If you are looking for a place to get healthy and have a group of people who truly care, MPOWER is the place for you.

As an athlete I trust this group with my career and would recommend my family and friends too.”



“MPOWER MD and the Concierge Wellness program has simply been fantastic for me. In May of 2014 I was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect called a Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO). While more common than one may think, the news was still a bit scary to process. To make matters worse I had ignored my physical fitness for far too many of my 39 years on this earth. Given the diagnoses and feeling a strong sense of responsibility to change my physical condition, I needed some help and guidance to get started. I also wanted to somehow combine both my medical and physical health goals in a way that was well coordinated with one another and held me accountable.

After doing some research, MPOWER’s Concierge Wellness program seemed like a great solution for me. I couldn’t be happier with the results. As my MPOWER Primary Care Physician (PCP), Dr. Johnson has worked closely with my MPOWER Personal Trainer to establish achievable goals. As a result I’ve lost over 25 pounds in under 7 months while reducing my cholesterol from “borderline” to “low”. My overall physical condition and health/wellness has dramatically improved. My overall strength and physical conditioning as a result of this program has allowed me to jog up to six miles. I’ve completed numerous 5K’s, which up until 3-4 months ago would not have been possible without MPOWER. I weigh under 200 pounds for the first time in about a dozen years, and fit back into 34” waist pants. All of this has done wonders for my motivation to continue to improve.

Working with Dr. Johnson and his team has been convenient and easy. As a Chief Operating Officer for a growing company, I don’t have a whole lot of free time. The normal headaches of scheduling and managing primary care physician (PCP) appointments has been obliterated with MPOWER. Dr. Johnson is only a text or call away in case I have any minor medical needs or simple questions. In addition, Dr. Johnson has worked closely with my specialists to ensure he has the most up to date information on my health.

On the Personal Training front, MPOWER has made achieving my weight loss and physical fitness goals very simple. My personal trainer has been instrumental in keeping me motivated. She works with my schedule to make sure I get my training sessions in when it’s convenient for me, and has also armed me with workouts that I can do independently at home or at the gym. Certainly, it takes strong dedication and commitment, but MPOWER gave me all the tools to be successful. The goals I’ve met and the results I’ve seen wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. I need that extra help and push.

I’m really looking forward to 2015 on the health and wellness front. Now that I’ve worked up my running regimen I have a goal to complete my first half marathon this spring. If I can get through that I may even run the Ragnar Relay this fall. I intend to do that while increasing my strength and hitting my goal weight of 189 pounds. Thanks to the MPOWER Team for their motivation and dedication to people like me!”


“Dr. Elrod is a household name here in Tennessee, and I knew when it came to my shoulder, I didn’t want anyone but him performing my surgery. When what I thought was a simple impingement surgery turned into the removal of a benign tumor, Elrod sent me to an oncology specialist to perform the surgery. I returned to MPOWER to rehab my shoulder after surgery. Kenny, my therapist worked hard to get my range of motion and strength back to where I was. After months of therapy, my shoulder didn’t seem to be improving, and actually seemed to get worse. Kenny suggested I get it checked out to see if the growth had returned. Sure enough, the growth had become malignant, and it was back the OR for a pretty invasive upper arm reconstruction to remove the cancer. I returned to therapy at MPOWER while I was also going through 6 treatments of chemotherapy. The support and encouragement I received from the MPOWER staff helped me persevere the tough times that comes with chemotherapy and rehabbing a post-op shoulder. After taking a short break from therapy to finish chemotherapy, I returned to MPOWER to finish rehab. My strength and range of motion started improving dramatically. I never thought I would be excited reach up to change the radio station in my car. I went from not being able to lift my arm and thinking I would never golf again, to shooting a 74 on the course. I had my second clear scan from cancer in March. MPOWER has been a huge part of my recovery. I trust Kenny just as much if not more than other doctors I had worked with through the whole process. The staff is always welcoming, and makes each visit fun. I would recommend MPOWER to anyone looking for a trustworthy and knowledgeable staff to help rehabilitate any Orthopaedic issues they have.”



“Two years ago, while doing boot camp 3-4 days a week and running the other two days a week, I started to feel pain in my neck even while just sitting in front of the computer at work. The pain would get so intense by the time I got home all I could do was lay down with a heating pad. Turned out it wasn’t my neck. Dr. Elrod determined that I had torn my supraspinatus, one of the muscles of the rotator cuff and this was causing my neck pain. I had also felt pain in my right arm swinging in volleyball for about 15 years. I had broken my collar bone 15 years prior and did not know it. Bone spurs grew from the collar bone break and were tearing at my rotator cuff tendons for 15 years. After my rotator cuff surgery I soon noticed that sitting at my computer I no longer had the pain in my neck.

My recovery story is like the slow but steady turtle that wins the race. My therapy process was a little longer than some, but I did the exercises and put in the time to progress little by little each week. Small leaps were huge to me and encouraging.

Six months later, my life has completely changed. I feel healthier and stronger than ever, I have no pain and feel over all better than ever. My experience at MPOWER, although difficult (due to pain) in the beginning, was so worth it. I wouldn’t be where I am without Jorge, Katie and Allison. I feel lucky to have another chance to play volleyball in March, 8 months after surgery!”



“Training for a marathon is not only a physical undertaking but a mental one as well. I began training for the Austin Marathon last fall after a season of heavy triathlon training and racing. From past experience, I knew it would be grueling, but I wanted to run the Boston Marathon again and push myself to see if I could qualify. The Boston Marathon is a qualifying race meaning you have to run under a certain time just to be able to register for it—for me, it was 3 hrs and 25 minutes. I had run 3 hours and 20 minutes three years ago but wasn’t sure if I would be able to do that again. I began working with Chris Pounds last spring and he, along with Kathleen Johnston of Tri Success, put the plan together for me. About 3/4 of the way into training for it, I began having some issues with my hamstrings and other minor injuries—not uncommon when you are training for a marathon. Sometimes getting to the start line of a race is 1/2 the battle.

The team at MPOWER was great—Kenny and Chris quickly worked with me to isolate the problem and come up with a plan to avoid further injury. Through a combination of physical therapy and recovery exercises, they not only got me to the starting line but helped me post a PR of 3 hrs 16 minutes 52 seconds-securing my spot in Boston in 2014! Thanks MPOWER!”



“I started coming to Elite in 2009 when I experienced a low back injury in my profession. I met Kenny Chatman and have been working with him for the last couple of years on and off, rehabbing different injuries from my profession. I switched over to MPOWER, and it’s been a great transition. They have a great facility, and I’ve been very pleased with the staff. My experience at MPOWER has been second to none. MPOWER has done an unbelievable job bringing me in for the physical therapy and also getting my strong to get me back out on the field through the weight training. Being a professional athlete, I’m able to cover all of my bases here at MPOWER. Dr. Elrod and his team, Kenny all the way down through the therapists, have been nothing short of spectacular.”

Russell Branyan, Professional Baseball Player

“After struggling for years with chronic back pain, I decided to finally see a doctor. A friend of mine provided me with glowing reviews of Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics, and referred me to their spine specialist, Dr. Glattes. Dr. Glattes was both extremely friendly and knowledgeable. After further examination of my back, he sent me to MPOWER Fitness to complete physical therapy to help strengthen my weakened core and help prevent further injury to my back. From the moment I walked into MPOWER, I felt very taken care of. My Physical Therapist, Kenny, was knowledgeable and experienced and helped me to understand the proper way to strengthen my weak areas. He did so in a way that was both easy to understand and backed by years of experience. After completing therapy, I chose to transition into personal training to continue building my strength I had gained throughout therapy. Staci, my trainer, worked closely with Kenny to develop an individualized program that was built on maintaining my strength. I now feel stronger and more toned than I have in years. Staci’s constant support and encouragement allows me to push myself to the next level in training both at MPOWER and on my own while traveling.

As my schedule became more hectic, the staff at MPOWER suggested I become a member of their Concierge Wellness Program. This allowed me 24/7 access to Dr. Johnson, the primary care physician at Elite Sports Medicine. His specialization in Orthopaedics was also a huge benefit as he understood my previous injuries. Dr. Johnson has been available to me for everything I need, from calling in prescriptions on the weekends, to seeing me for a same day appointment to giving me shots for my migraines. The seamless transition from initial doctor visit to therapy to training and a complete wellness program was what makes MPOWER such an incredible place. I suggest MPOWER to anyone looking for a team approach at improving your wellness.”



“The experience was tremendous. Dr. Elrod and I hit it off right out of the gate, and have been friends ever since. The personal touch and communication back and forth, between doctor and patient was excellent. I felt very good about having him do the work on both my knee and shoulder.”



I started with MPOWER Fitness as the result of a frozen shoulder. Dr. James Johnson prescribed physical therapy to get my shoulder back in shape, and I was referred to therapist, Daniel Elliott, with MPOWER Fitness. Daniel was very knowledgeable and experienced and helped me understand what I needed to do to take care of my shoulder. After 12 weeks of working with Daniel, my left shoulder was in better shape and working better than my right shoulder.

After completing the therapy, I decided to transition into personal training and enrolled with MPOWER Fitness for a personal trainer. Over the past few years I had gained about 12 pounds and now weighed too much for my build and height and needed to get back in shape. Aaron Hines was the personal trainer I worked with over the next three months. Aaron was very knowledgeable and experienced in his field, and I had watched him working with other clients while I was working with Daniel. I set a goal to lose 13 pounds over the next three months and scheduled twice a week visits. Aaron worked with me, using various workouts to strengthen my core and reduce body fat. At the end of the three months I had lost 14 pounds, beating my original goal. Needless to say my body fat was also down into the healthy category and my energy level had increased. This was accomplished in combination with better nutrition as well as the twice a week workouts. And today I still work out based on what I learned from Aaron and continued to move the weight down and energy level up.

Now, for what I think is the best part of the story. MPOWER Fitness has developed an incredible team. I was able to get to know the staff on a first name basis and was always greeted and encouraged along the way by everyone. They made me feel like I was their only priority and made the environment such a welcoming and fun place to be. I was always looking forward to my next visit.

So if you need some help getting back in shape or help with a sports injury, I would, without any hesitation, highly recommend MPOWER Fitness as the place to get that one-on-one personal training support.



I came to MPOWER after ACL surgery and I immediately felt right a home. The staff is great from top to bottom and the facilities are tremendous. With the relationships I have built with the therapists, especially Daniel Elliot, I became involved in the whole program and transformed my lifestyle. My time at MPOWER not only improved my physical health but my confidence as well. This has been a truly amazing experience for me.


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