Brian Baker

“Throughout my years of playing professional tennis, I have unfortunately suffered several injuries. (six surgeries and various other problems). I cannot even count how many trainers I have seen and rehab facilities I’ve visited. Due to my extensive rehab experiences, I am able to easily distinguish between average places and great ones. After spending several months rehabbing my surgically repaired lateral meniscus at Mpower Fitness, I can honestly say that the rehab experience here is top notch.

In my opinion, I think the greatest asset of Mpower is its team approach, both within Mpower and through its partnership with Elite Sports Medicine. When it comes to my rehab plan, Kenny and his staff have excellent communication and are always on the same page. All the PTs, Stephanie (nutritionist), and Staci (my fitness trainer) have all worked hard together to provide me with the help I need for a successful return to the tour. It’s also a great feeling to know that Kenny is always in close contact with Dr. Elrod at Elite in case I have a question about my knee.

I am currently in my final stages of my rehab and am hopeful that my first event will be July 22nd in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m confident that with another month, Kenny will have my knee prepared to take on the physicality that tennis brings. I’m definitely excited for the summer!

Overall, Mpower provides a great service and hosts a first class facility. Every staff member has been extremely professional and courteous, which makes the experience that much more enjoyable. If you are injured or need any personal training, I strongly recommend Mpower.”

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