Bruce Matthews – 14 Time NFL Pro Bowler

Working out has always been a big part of who I was, especially during my time in the NFL. When I finished playing, I was about 305 pounds. Before I knew it, I was up around 335 and pushing 340 without the workout that I used to get on a daily basis. When I was still playing, I could rationalize it. But once I got to this point, I realized, when you’ve been out of the league a long time, you don’t need all that extra weight. I figured it would be good to shed some of that weight.

The reason I joined the training program was to get in shape and cut as much body fat as possible. Now, I can see the results, but more importantly, I can feel them. Since I started, I’ve quit looking at what the number on the scale says, and have been more encourage with how I feel. I feel much better than when I first started.

It’s not the old barbell routine. They have me doing so many things here that each time I come in, it’s like a whole new routine. They keep things fresh and that’s really motivated me to continue with the program.

The technology here is top of the line. Whether you’re coming for physical therapy or personal training, it’s a perfect setting with everything you need. Anything that’s new or cutting-edge, they’re either doing it here or they’re reading up and learning about it. It’s been hard work, but it’s been fun and very fulfilling.

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