Bryan Ansley – Concierge Wellness Client

I started training at MPOWER Performance Institute hoping to improve upon three key areas – balance, core strength, and flexibility. Before MPOWER, I was going to other gyms and thought I was in decent shape for my age. Looking back on that, it probably wasn’t the case.

I’ve been working with Brandon, who knows what I’m hoping to achieve and has set a plan based around that. I’ve had several personal trainers at different places and Brandon is head and shoulders above the rest. He studies everything about the body and it’s something he’s very passionate about and it’s on display. He helps keep me away from injuries by targeting muscle groups in different ways if something isn’t feeling right one day.

Since I started, I feel like the three areas I picked out have improved substantially. I feel like I’ve gone backwards in time. I’m 54 and I feel like I did when I was in my mid-30s! I have absolutely seen a difference from before I started here.

Another aspect MPOWER excels in is communication. I’m in the Concierge Wellness Program and the communication between the doctor and the trainers is remarkable. It’s brought to light health issues that I never knew I had and would never have addressed if those two parties were not working together seamlessly.

It’s been a blast improving my fitness here at MPOWER. Everyone is so nice and greets you by name with a smile on their face. It’s a hard culture to obtain but they’ve managed to maintain it. Brandon is the ultimate professional and sets the bar for what you should expect from a personal trainer.

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