Chuck Glover

I began physical therapy at MPOWER Performance Institute about nine weeks ago following a knee replacement. Prior to surgery, I suffered intense pain to the point that I didn’t trust myself going upstairs fearing that my knee would give out. I couldn’t take out the trash or shop without hurting, and sports were out of the question. When it hurts so much that you can’t live normally anymore, you know it’s time. I had the procedure and started therapy soon after.

This whole place is completely different from other physical therapy places. Rather than a dull environment where you’re going through the motions with a physical therapist, at MPOWER you’re pushed by people who care about your wellbeing.

I’ve been working with my physical therapist, Jess, and her tech, Cory, who have kept me motivated throughout my time here. Jess is genuinely interested in making sure you are constantly improving. I came in with an attitude that I’m going to get better, and her and Cory have made sure that happens. The stretching and exercises we have done have been a tremendous help. Add in the equipment they have, and you have a top-of-the-line facility.

I had lived with limited flexibility for about 8 years, so one of the things we’ve worked on is getting my knee stretched out. My flexibility has improved dramatically since I started physical therapy. I came in with a walker, moved to a cane, and now I’m moving around freely on my own. There are days I walk around the house and I’ve forgotten I had knee surgery altogether. My knee feels normal again.

To put my experience in perspective, when my daughter suffered a soccer injury, I felt enough confidence in MPOWER to have her try out physical therapy with them. It went great and she’s back to playing soccer again now.

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