Corey Robinson – NFL Offensive Lineman

Corey Robinsion

I was seeking relief from my back and hip pain when my agent talked with some of the Elite doctors. They recommend me to MPOWER Performance Institute.

I’ve really liked my time here. The whole staff is truly amazing, and it didn’t feel like rehab because it was such an enjoyable experience.

We’ve done a lot of hands-on stretching, soft tissue work, core strengthening, and hip stabilization. I feel like I’ve gotten true relief from my pain and discovered the best ways to manage it in the future. They’ve shown me different muscles to work on that I hadn’t previously focused on with heavy lifting. I’ve learned about the small details that help bring everything together. MPOWER has helped me with my pain and given me a good idea of how to prevent it in the future.

My goal was to get as close to 100% as I could. I understand that it’s a process and I’m not going to recover overnight, so I needed to know how to manage my lifestyle. My therapists, Kenny and Daniel, have been great. They are attentive and listen to what I have to say. There’s a lot of communication back and forth between us, and they attempt to perfect every exercise down to the small little tweaks, so you can get the best results going forwards.

The whole staff, from the front desk to the trainers and therapists, have been incredibly supportive. Anything that I need, they already have it covered. Your recovery is more than just when you’re in the building, and they make that possible.

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