Eugene Amano – 9 Year NFL Veteran

Eugene Amano

When you retire from professional sports, that’s when your body starts to feel the after effects. I began working with MPOWER Performance Institute to help my body return to a point where I can enjoy daily activities again. I got used to all sorts of tools and gadgets during my playing days, and the nice thing about MPOWER is that they have everything I used back then. I felt like I could pick up right where I left off.

There are certain problems that you must live with due to the wear and tear of professional football. I’ve had knee and foot issues and find it helpful coming to MPOWER, as I try to rebuild my body back to normal. I’ve dealt with a large extent of pain, but coming in here, I’m confident that I’m getting quality treatment.

I’ve been here for about a year now. We’ve done some traditional therapy, but we’ve also tried other forms of treatment to help alleviate the pain. We use dry needling to help with nerve issues in my foot. It can be hard at times, but I feel like it helps me and my therapist Jess does a great job.

I realize that I may always have to deal with some pain, but my goal here at MPOWER has been to minimize it. I’ve been given great care and hope to continue the active lifestyle that I lead. Most importantly, I’m a dad. I want my body to be able to hold up so I can enjoy the best years of my life!

This place has been great to me. MPOWER has everything I utilized as a professional athlete. I don’t think there is another place around that has this type of a facility. They are fantastic at helping post-surgery patients get back on their feet again. I’m always pushed in a positive way and their goal is to meet my goals.

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