Jarrod Parker – Former MLB Starting Pitcher

Over the years, I’ve dealt with numerous injuries to my elbow. I was looking for medical care and Elite Sports Medicine was highly recommended in the Nashville area.

I met with Dr. Elrod, and we went over my medical history. It was a seamless transition between my old doctors and working with him as my new physician. It’s been easy to get seen, as his staff can work with my schedule. Throughout my time here, he’s provided great care for both me and my wife and has performed a surgery to repair my left labrum.

My elbow is feeling much better and I’m leading a normal life again. As for my shoulder, we were able to pre-treat and post-treat with physical therapy, and that has been going great, as well.

Elite and MPOWER have been great at transitioning me from one aspect of care to another. It’s always helpful to have everything you need in the same area.

My experience with MPOWER has gone just as well as Elite. From the scheduling to the therapy, they’ve taken great care of me, the facilities are beautiful and have everything you could ever need. I tend to utilize the entire place. That’s the great thing about MPOWER – you can work on cardio, strength training, all while working on your physical therapy.

For my rehab, I’ve worked with Kenny. He’s taught me about patience when it comes to injuries. The way he approaches each patient uniquely is admirable. I think that’s what makes this healing process move smoothly.

I’m thankful for the care I’ve received from both Elite and MPOWER.

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