Jeff Gilner

Dr. David Moore is a phenomenal physician. He was able to provide surgeries that got me back to work after tearing the meniscus in both of my knees a few months apart. My initial visit assured me that I was in good hands. He tells you what’s gone wrong, how we will fix it, and offers a comforting demeanor.

My surgery went well and I began physical therapy at MPOWER Performance Institute the next day. I remember walking in and being greeted by Mel and the rest of the staff. Everyone was incredibly welcoming. My physical therapist, Jess, checked out my knee to see how the stitches looked and get an idea of its mobility. We went over what my physical therapy looked like over time.

It’s been steady progress since I’ve started physical therapy. Jess is a fantastic therapist that breaks everything down to you in a way that is easy to understand. We do a variety of exercises to improve my mobility and coordination.

There is equipment provided here that’s above anything you could have at home. The anti-gravity treadmill takes the pressure off your knees, allowing you to walk or run without pain. Prior to the knee injuries, my activity level included heavy lifting at work, running, and golf. I’ve actually increased my swing speed since coming to MPOWER.

Elite and MPOWER have helped me come a long way in a short time. My knees used to frequently lock up. I was unable to apply pressure or bend them in any way. Thanks to Dr. Moore, Jess, and the amazing MPOWER Team, I’m on track to meet all my goals!

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