Joey Nacarato

“Dr. Elrod is a household name here in Tennessee, and I knew when it came to my shoulder, I didn’t want anyone but him performing my surgery. When what I thought was a simple impingement surgery turned into the removal of a benign tumor, Elrod sent me to an oncology specialist to perform the surgery. I returned to MPOWER to rehab my shoulder after surgery. Kenny, my therapist worked hard to get my range of motion and strength back to where I was. After months of therapy, my shoulder didn’t seem to be improving, and actually seemed to get worse. Kenny suggested I get it checked out to see if the growth had returned. Sure enough, the growth had become malignant, and it was back the OR for a pretty invasive upper arm reconstruction to remove the cancer. I returned to therapy at MPOWER while I was also going through 6 treatments of chemotherapy. The support and encouragement I received from the MPOWER staff helped me persevere the tough times that comes with chemotherapy and rehabbing a post-op shoulder. After taking a short break from therapy to finish chemotherapy, I returned to MPOWER to finish rehab. My strength and range of motion started improving dramatically. I never thought I would be excited reach up to change the radio station in my car. I went from not being able to lift my arm and thinking I would never golf again, to shooting a 74 on the course. I had my second clear scan from cancer in March. MPOWER has been a huge part of my recovery. I trust Kenny just as much if not more than other doctors I had worked with through the whole process. The staff is always welcoming, and makes each visit fun. I would recommend MPOWER to anyone looking for a trustworthy and knowledgeable staff to help rehabilitate any Orthopaedic issues they have.”

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