Kelly McCreight

“Training for a marathon is not only a physical undertaking but a mental one as well. I began training for the Austin Marathon last fall after a season of heavy triathlon training and racing. From past experience, I knew it would be grueling, but I wanted to run the Boston Marathon again and push myself to see if I could qualify. The Boston Marathon is a qualifying race meaning you have to run under a certain time just to be able to register for it—for me, it was 3 hrs and 25 minutes. I had run 3 hours and 20 minutes three years ago but wasn’t sure if I would be able to do that again. I began working with Chris Pounds last spring and he, along with Kathleen Johnston of Tri Success, put the plan together for me. About 3/4 of the way into training for it, I began having some issues with my hamstrings and other minor injuries—not uncommon when you are training for a marathon. Sometimes getting to the start line of a race is 1/2 the battle.

The team at MPOWER was great—Kenny and Chris quickly worked with me to isolate the problem and come up with a plan to avoid further injury. Through a combination of physical therapy and recovery exercises, they not only got me to the starting line but helped me post a PR of 3 hrs 16 minutes 52 seconds-securing my spot in Boston in 2014! Thanks MPOWER!”

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