Linda Doyle – Resolution Challenge Winner

This competition, for me, was not about winning. It was about taking a first step to getting my life back. Five months ago, I was just transitioning off the walker from bilateral total knee replacement. Then, add in the extreme pain I’ve been living with for years, especially the last 4 or so from a broken foot, shoulder surgery and extreme neck and back issues. Depression hit. Frustration hit. Hating my life hit…. hard. It’s been a tough battle physically and mentally. In spite of all this, I have a history of being tough in some ways, but I was defeated.

There are several people who were instrumental in getting my fighting spirit back including Scott Hamilton. I have admired him as an athlete for years and finally had the opportunity to briefly meet him a couple of years ago. Mostly, I admired him for his positive attitude and spirit. I read his book Finish First during bootcamp, and this book sums up what this competition meant to me. It inspired me to do my best and I did.

Then there’s the Elite crew. I’ve been going to Dr. Elrod since he first moved back to Nashville. The fact that he treats all his patients as athletes and friends is inspiring. He’s the best there is and patched me up many times (and continues to do so) and gets me back out to do my passions. I have total confidence in him and all who work with him. I see about half the Elite doctors including Dr. Glattes who keeps me going with my neck and back issues and encourages me that I’ll get through this without being fused. The PA’s, especially Stephen, therapists, entire staff. Thank you.

And of course, the MPOWER staff. Daniel got me through a very scary and depressing period with my neck and back (and broken foot). Without his skills and encouragement, I don’t know where I would be today. He’s the best! And my Personal Trainer, Paul, got me in the best shape I’ve been in for years, prior to my bilateral total knee replacement. The recovery has been long and a hundred times harder than I expected, and of course, I lost all my muscle. I’m still waiting for the muscle memory to happen, but it’s coming with Paul’s help and encouragement. Paul has been with me on this journey with pep talks, advice, cautions, friendship and hard work. I’m glad to give him some bragging rights! Paul, we did it! You make working hard fun!

Thanks to the other women in bootcamp. You were all amazing! I know most of you understood I was truly trying, and I’m limited physically. I only won because I had the hours to work and the recumbent bike was non-weight bearing. Kara and Paul, thanks for adjusting so much for me. Paul knows my limitations and the days he was there were fun.

I didn’t win a competition. I won a first step toward getting my life back. I’m a 67-year-old woman with various orthopedic problems, some of which are quite painful and will never be better. I proved something to myself. I’m proud of me and that doesn’t happen often or easily.

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