Nathan Foriest – Professional Baseball Player

In 2010, I was a pitcher for my high school’s baseball team and I suffered a torn UCL and underwent Tommy John Surgery with Dr. Moore. He’s a top-notch doctor that I would recommend to anybody who has been in a similar position. He was extremely helpful, and I could tell that my care was more than just completing this surgery. Dr. Moore does everything in his power to get everybody the proper care they need, and surgery is a last resort.

Following my surgery, I was referred to Kenny for physical therapy. Kenny is very easy going and knows as much about rehabilitation, if not more, than anyone I’ve ever been around in pro ball. It was a long road following a surgery like Tommy John, but he eased me into it.

We started by building my shoulder strength back while my elbow healed. We moved into mobility exercises so I could get my full range of motion back. Once I was ready, we began a throwing program and I worked my way back to 100%. By the time I was fully healed and pitching again, I was performing better than before the surgery.

Elite and MPOWER both handle athletes extremely well. They keep you motivated while providing the know-how to help you recover from injury. I greatly appreciate Dr. Moore and Kenny for all their help. They’ve provided first class care and I feel privileged to come here.

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