Phil Wenk

Phil Wenk

I came to Elite when I tore my meniscus and had it repaired by Dr. Moore. Following my surgery, I spent time in physical therapy at Elite with Jess. She’s a fantastic therapist who took great care of me while I was there.

Some time passed, and my shoulder began giving out. I experienced such great care from Dr. Moore and Jess that I decided to come back to Elite. I met with Dr. Price, who works on shoulders, and he performed yet another successful surgery.

I joined the MPOWER Performance Institute physical therapy program in Cool Springs and was delighted to find out that Jess had since moved there and was once again my physical therapist! I met with Keith – one of MPOWER’s personal trainers – and decided to enroll in the personal training program to improve my health. We did a bit of training prior to my shoulder surgery, which helped me get ahead of schedule.

There’s been great communication all around between Elite and MPOWER. I have a history of back pain and was able to meet with Dr. Glattes. He established a plan for me to use with Jess and Keith at MPOWER.

When I came to MPOWER, I was in terrible shape and wanted to improve my fitness. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become cognizant of my age and realize that the chance of a heart attack has become more likely. One of my goals is to decrease my risk of this or other health conditions by staying fit. Keith has helped me get stronger and develop better conditioning.

My favorite thing about Jess and Keith is how knowledgeable they are within their fields. Keith doesn’t expect me to do exercises that someone my age shouldn’t do; however, he does expect me to get better. He always has a plan and creates variation. I’ve been coming here for over a year we’ve yet to do the same group of exercises twice. Jess is such a caring and personable therapist. She’s made my time in therapy not really feel like therapy. While working with her, I could hear other therapists interacting with their clients and it sounded exactly like my experience. They’re all the best at what they do.

Elite and MPOWER took me in and gave me the strength and flexibility to not only improve my life expectancy but give me a better quality of life. These are places designed to get people well. I would tell anyone that needs surgery or therapy, you can’t do any better than here.

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