Tracie Hamilton

“After struggling for years with chronic back pain, I decided to finally see a doctor. A friend of mine provided me with glowing reviews of Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics, and referred me to their spine specialist, Dr. Glattes. Dr. Glattes was both extremely friendly and knowledgeable. After further examination of my back, he sent me to MPOWER Fitness to complete physical therapy to help strengthen my weakened core and help prevent further injury to my back. From the moment I walked into MPOWER, I felt very taken care of. My Physical Therapist, Kenny, was knowledgeable and experienced and helped me to understand the proper way to strengthen my weak areas. He did so in a way that was both easy to understand and backed by years of experience. After completing therapy, I chose to transition into personal training to continue building my strength I had gained throughout therapy. Staci, my trainer, worked closely with Kenny to develop an individualized program that was built on maintaining my strength. I now feel stronger and more toned than I have in years. Staci’s constant support and encouragement allows me to push myself to the next level in training both at MPOWER and on my own while traveling.

As my schedule became more hectic, the staff at MPOWER suggested I become a member of their Concierge Wellness Program. This allowed me 24/7 access to Dr. Johnson, the primary care physician at Elite Sports Medicine. His specialization in Orthopaedics was also a huge benefit as he understood my previous injuries. Dr. Johnson has been available to me for everything I need, from calling in prescriptions on the weekends, to seeing me for a same day appointment to giving me shots for my migraines. The seamless transition from initial doctor visit to therapy to training and a complete wellness program was what makes MPOWER such an incredible place. I suggest MPOWER to anyone looking for a team approach at improving your wellness.”

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