Wayne Rositano

I’ve had multiple surgeries performed by Elite doctors, including rotator cuff surgery and two total knee replacements. The two physicians I worked with, Dr. David Moore (shoulder) and Dr. Gregory Raab (joint replacement), have been great.

My first experience at Elite was the shoulder injury. Activities I normally did with ease had become limited. At times, I would be at the gym and it would feel like I was being stabbed in the shoulder. I live an extremely active lifestyle and the rotator cuff tear made that difficult.

I met with Dr. Moore and he was confident in his diagnosis. He suggested surgery and everything he predicted was correct. Everything went as expected, and although rehab took some time, I was back to doing pull-ups, dips, and other shoulder intensive exercises a few months later.

The knee replacements were a tougher pill to swallow. When Dr. Moore told me that my knees were this bad, I wasn’t ready to hear that. I eventually wrapped my head around it and met with Dr. Raab. He sat down and answered every question I had and then some I hadn’t even considered. I had an amazing experience at the hospital, and everyone was extremely professional. Surgery couldn’t have gone any better.

After the surgery, I came to MPOWER Performance Institute for physical therapy. I started with a walker, but after working on range of motion and flexibility, I was able to walk on my own again. I moved around much better and the pain regressed as my therapy continued. Seven weeks in and I’m working on building strength now. Overall, I’m way ahead of where I’d thought I’d be. My limitations are very minor.

My physical therapist, Jess, has made a huge difference during my recovery. She pushes me to do better, but also makes sure that I don’t overdo it. She also makes sure that each exercise is performed correctly to avoid injury.

I’ve come a long way with the help of the Elite physicians and the staff at MPOWER. I’m thankful for the care they’ve provided me along the way.

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