Zack Bailey

I’ve been training in Nashville and was recommended to MPOWER Performance Institute after suffering a broken fibula while playing football at University of South Carolina. My goal upon joining the physical therapy program was getting back to 100% health. I have the combine coming up soon and I need to be in top shape.

So far, my therapy has been excellent. I’ve been working with Kenny and have developed a great relationship with him. He is a high energy guy who communicates well and always has a smile on his face. He makes rehab a fun time.

Kenny has made huge strides with my ankle. We’ve worked on flexibility, strength, and stability to improve my functionality. When I first arrived, I came in with a scooter and couldn’t do much at all. From there, I worked my way down to two crutches, then one crutch, all the way to being able to walk again. This has all happened within the span of a month.

Every single exercise is helping me get closer to my goal. MPOWER is setting me up to be able to reach it.
As a whole, the one-on-one attention that MPOWER offers is incredible. Instead of being bounced around, you have someone with you along the way that is guiding your care. I’m excited to continue making progress.

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