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Dave Briggs, Competitive Cyclist

I had just finished my 16th season of competitive cycling when I was involved in a car accident. Following the incident, I noticed my times were going down and I was having more knee pain than normal. I went for an MRI and found out that my left quadricep tendon was torn. I had been… Read More

Brandt Snedeker, PGA Tour Player

“I’ve had several injuries over the years, from hips to shoulders to rib injuries. Dr. Elrod has been great and great to work with. He’s gotten me healthy as quick as possible with no re-occurrence of injuries.” Kenny and the staff at MPOWER helped me get through therapy, which is the most important part in… Read More

Brian Baker

“Throughout my years of playing professional tennis, I have unfortunately suffered several injuries. (six surgeries and various other problems). I cannot even count how many trainers I have seen and rehab facilities I’ve visited. Due to my extensive rehab experiences, I am able to easily distinguish between average places and great ones. After spending several… Read More

Zach Bailey

I came to MPOWER after ACL surgery and I immediately felt right a home. The staff is great from top to bottom and the facilities are tremendous. With the relationships I have built with the therapists, especially Daniel Elliot, I became involved in the whole program and transformed my lifestyle. My time at MPOWER not… Read More

Troy Gentry, Musician

“The experience was tremendous. Dr. Elrod and I hit it off right out of the gate, and have been friends ever since. The personal touch and communication back and forth, between doctor and patient was excellent. I felt very good about having him do the work on both my knee and shoulder.”

Russel Branyan, Professional Baseball Player

“I started coming to Elite in 2009 when I experienced a low back injury in my profession. I met Kenny Chatman and have been working with him for the last couple of years on and off, rehabbing different injuries from my profession. I switched over to MPOWER, and it’s been a great transition. They have… Read More

Kelly McCreight

“Training for a marathon is not only a physical undertaking but a mental one as well. I began training for the Austin Marathon last fall after a season of heavy triathlon training and racing. From past experience, I knew it would be grueling, but I wanted to run the Boston Marathon again and push myself… Read More

Joey Nacarato

“Dr. Elrod is a household name here in Tennessee, and I knew when it came to my shoulder, I didn’t want anyone but him performing my surgery. When what I thought was a simple impingement surgery turned into the removal of a benign tumor, Elrod sent me to an oncology specialist to perform the surgery.… Read More

Corban Joseph, New York Yankees

“Dealing with injuries for two years, I chose MPOWER to do my therapy. I rehabbed my shoulder for one year and the MPOWER staff helped me get back on to the field quickly and made me ready to play at the highest level possible. After the season, I had season ending surgery and MPOWER has… Read More

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