Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)

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Blood Flow Restriction Training allows the body to achieve the same results as heavy weightlifting, without damaging tissues. Call us or request an appointment online to recieve BFR Training in Nashville or Franklin, TN! 

What is Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR)?

Blood flow restriction (BFR) training is a type of physical therapy treatment that focuses on helping patients improve muscle strength while lifting lighter loads to reduce stress on the body.

Traditionally, lifting heavy weights is the best way to improve muscle strength. However, if you suffer from a chronic pain condition or you’re recovering from surgery, you may find the traditional strength-building technique causes more pain than you can handle.

BFR training allows the body to achieve the same results as heavy weightlifting, without damaging tissues.  


How Does BFR Training Work?

BFR training alters the blood flow to and from the body part that you’re working out. The team at MPOWER Physical Therapy uses various tools that help maintain the inflow of oxygen-rich blood to the area while decreasing the outflow of oxygen-poor blood. 

When you lift weights to build muscle, your body undergoes many physiological changes to improve muscle strength, including:

  • Releasing anabolic hormones
  • Activating stem cells
  • Reducing oxygen to the muscle
  • Swelling your cells

When lifting lighter loads, these physiological changes are more difficult to achieve. However, BFR training forces these changes, which allows you to improve muscle strength while lifting lighter weights. 


What Happens During Blood Flow Restriction Training?

Your physical therapist at MPOWER reviews the details of your BFR training during your consultation. They may perform BFR training on your upper or lower limbs.

First, your physical therapist places a cuff on your limb to restrict blood flow. Then, they have you start your resistance training program. To get the most benefits, your physical therapist may recommend 2-4 sessions a week for 1-3 weeks.  

The team may also suggest blood flow restriction training for aerobic conditioning. It works best when walking on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike. 


Who Can Benefit from BFR Training?

BFR training is most commonly used by patients who have chronic pain or injury. It can also be extremely beneficial to athletes who are looking to build strength, while having low risk for injury and less recovery time.


What are the Benefits of Blood Flow Restriction Training?

One of the main benefits of BFR training that it not only allows you to workout without pain, but also prevents further injury. Other benefits include:

  • Little muscle damage
  • Increased strength
  • Little recovery time
  • Less stress on the muscles

Don’t let the fear of pain prevent you from reaching your health and wellness goals. To learn more about BFR training at MPOWER Physical Therapy and how it can benefit your health and wellness, call the office nearest you, or book a consultation online today.