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MPOWER represents a medical approach to Personal Wellness and Performance. Through programs developed in concert with physicians, surgeons, physical therapists, personal trainers and dietitians, MPOWER is your dedicated resource for integrated performance optimization.
We are here to help you be better. Be MPOWERed.

Meet our team

Our team of specialists provide unparalleled level of care to athletes of all levels of competition and patients of all ages and walks of life. “Everyone is a VIP” -Dr. Burton Elrod

Meet the team

Featured Testimonials

Nathan ForiestProfessional Baseball Player

In 2010, I was a pitcher for my high school’s baseball team and I suffered a torn UCL and underwent Tommy John Surgery with Dr. Moore. He’s a top-notch doctor that I would recommend to anybody who has been in a similar position. He was extremely helpful, and I could tell that my care was more than just completing this surgery. Dr. Moore does everything in his powerContinue Reading »

Kassie PowellBelmont University
Track & Field Coach

I visited Elite when I dislocated my shoulder and tore my labrum. I already knew Dr. Martin and felt she was my best option to treat these injuries. I reached out to her and was able to be seen very quickly. When I came in, it was easy to explain to Dr. Martin what my issues were. I told her my limitations, we came up with goals, andContinue Reading »

Phil Wenk

I came to Elite when I tore my meniscus and had it repaired by Dr. Moore. Following my surgery, I spent time in physical therapy at Elite with Jess. She’s a fantastic therapist who took great care of me while I was there. Some time passed, and my shoulder began giving out. I experienced such great care from Dr. Moore and Jess that I decided to come backContinue Reading »

Corey RobinsonNFL Offensive Lineman

I was seeking relief from my back and hip pain when my agent talked with some of the Elite doctors. They recommend me to MPOWER Performance Institute. I’ve really liked my time here. The whole staff is truly amazing, and it didn’t feel like rehab because it was such an enjoyable experience. We’ve done a lot of hands-on stretching, soft tissue work, core strengthening, and hip stabilization. IContinue Reading »

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