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MPOWER represents a medical approach to Personal Wellness and Performance. Through programs developed in concert with physicians, surgeons, physical therapists, personal trainers and dietitians, MPOWER is your dedicated resource for integrated performance optimization.
We are here to help you be better. Be MPOWERed.

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Our team of specialists provide unparalleled level of care to athletes of all levels of competition and patients of all ages and walks of life. “Everyone is a VIP” -Dr. Burton Elrod

Meet the team

Featured Testimonials

Wayne Rositano

I’ve had multiple surgeries performed by Elite doctors, including rotator cuff surgery and two total knee replacements. The two physicians I worked with, Dr. David Moore (shoulder) and Dr. Gregory Raab (joint replacement), have been great. My first experience at Elite was the shoulder injury. Activities I normally did with ease had become limited. At times, I would be at the gym and it would feel like IContinue Reading »

Jeff Gilner

Dr. David Moore is a phenomenal physician. He was able to provide surgeries that got me back to work after tearing the meniscus in both of my knees a few months apart. My initial visit assured me that I was in good hands. He tells you what’s gone wrong, how we will fix it, and offers a comforting demeanor. My surgery went well and I began physical therapyContinue Reading »

Chuck Glover

I began physical therapy at MPOWER Performance Institute about nine weeks ago following a knee replacement. Prior to surgery, I suffered intense pain to the point that I didn’t trust myself going upstairs fearing that my knee would give out. I couldn’t take out the trash or shop without hurting, and sports were out of the question. When it hurts so much that you can’t live normally anymore,Continue Reading »

Linda DoyleResolution Challenge Winner

This competition, for me, was not about winning. It was about taking a first step to getting my life back. Five months ago, I was just transitioning off the walker from bilateral total knee replacement. Then, add in the extreme pain I’ve been living with for years, especially the last 4 or so from a broken foot, shoulder surgery and extreme neck and back issues. Depression hit. FrustrationContinue Reading »

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