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Personal Training in Nashville and Franklin, TN


The best fitness coach in your life is waiting for you at MPOWER Physical Therapy! MPOWER’s certified personal trainers in Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood, TN specialize in cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and sports performance. With personal training plans tailored specifically for you, you can feel confident knowing that you have access to the best personal training in Nashville. 

Who Needs a Personal Trainer/Fitness Trainer? 

Personal trainer in Nashville

Many people join personal training programs because they are limited due to time constraints or general knowledge about exercise. Others simply need a coach to push them towards their fitness goals. 

You may benefit from personal training if you need a fitness plan to help you: 

  • Lose weight – A common challenge many Americans face. Combined with healthy eating, fitness training can put you one step closer to your goal weight. 
  • Improve your fitness and physique – While we want everyone to feel comfortable in their bodies, some people ask for a little help in doing so.  
  • Enhance your athletic performance – We help athletes of all ages perform at their highest level. 
  • Manage your disease – Personal training can help manage chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes, and osteoporosis.
  • Support recovery from an injury or surgical procedure – personal training may be combined with a physical therapy program to help you return to form.
  • Be held accountable – Sometimes the hardest part of maintaining an active lifestyle is being consistent. Our personal trainers are here to check in on you and keep you motivated.  

Why Choose MPOWER for Nashville, Franklin, or Brentwood Personal Training? 

Our Nashville personal trainers will help you manage activity levels while sharing their wealth of knowledge about exercise programs. While each personal trainer will bring their own unique coaching style, all of MPOWER’s trainers share one common goal: getting you one step closer to where you want to be. 

Emphasis on safety 

MPOWER’s trainers prioritize the inclusion of safe exercises. With a heavy orthopedic focus, preventing unnecessary injury is always top of mind. 

Top-tier facilities 

The beautiful MPOWER facilities include indoor and outdoor turf perfect for athletes recovering from injury. 

Techniques and technology 

MPOWER’s certified personal trainers are experts in their field. Some even offer expertise in specific areas like running, football, or basketball. They also have access to technology like anti-gravity treadmills and body composition measurements. 

What Happens During My First Personal Training Session?

During your first personal training session at MPOWER, your personal trainer spends time getting to know you. They will ask about your current activity levels, as well as any fitness goals and needs you have.  

They will use the information gathered in this first session to create your personal fitness program moving forward. 


What Can I Expect During My Personal Training Sessions? 

MPOWER’s personal trainers use orthopedic-minded movements to help you achieve your performance goals. Your personal training sessions may include a combination of cardiovascular and strength-building exercises. 

The specifics of your program depend on your health circumstances and musculoskeletal history. However, the goal of your personal training is to help you make progress while avoiding injury. Your session should be challenging, fun, and rewarding. 

In addition to one-on-one sessions with your personal trainer, MPOWER also offers the Trainerize app. This app lets you keep in touch with your personal trainer outside of the gym and your sessions.  


How Should I Choose My Personal Trainer?  

At MPOWER Physical Therapy, we believe in having a diverse group of personal trainers with specialties for everyone. You should choose your new fitness buddy based on what is best suited for your needs - whether that be your goals, location, or availability.  

To learn more about our individual personal trainers, visit our team page or call us and ask!  


We Are Different than Any Other Gym in Town, Book an Appointment to See How 

Fitness training should be part of your health and wellness plan. We are different than any other personal training service in town. Our approach is designed for the most comprehensive results with access to physical therapy, massage therapy & nutrition consulting onsite!  

For expert care from one of the best personal trainers in Nashville, TN call MPOWER or book an appointment online today.