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Phil Wenk

One of my goals is to decrease my risk of heart attack or other health conditions by staying fit. Keith has helped me get stronger and develop better conditioning.

Corey Robinson – NFL Offensive Lineman

I was seeking relief from my back and hip pain when my agent talked with some of the Elite doctors. They recommend me to MPOWER Performance Institute. I’ve really liked my time here. The whole staff is truly amazing, and it didn’t feel like rehab because it was such an enjoyable experience. We’ve done a… Read More

Megan Hartman – Concierge Wellness Client

Tennis is one of my favorite things in the world, but lately, I haven’t been able to play at full strength. I’ve had a recurring back injury for almost a year now that has just about stopped me from playing altogether. It was diagnosed as a torn disc in my lower back and I was… Read More

Eugene Amano

Eugene Amano – 9 Year NFL Veteran

When you retire from professional sports, that’s when your body starts to feel the after effects. I began working with MPOWER Performance Institute to help my body return to a point where I can enjoy daily activities again. I got used to all sorts of tools and gadgets during my playing days, and the nice… Read More

Bruce Matthews – 14 Time NFL Pro Bowler

It’s not the old barbell routine. They have me doing so many things here that each time I come in, it’s like a whole new routine. They keep things fresh and that’s really motivated me to continue with the program.

Cheryl Byrd

I love playing tennis, but over the last 12 months, I’ve suffered two serious injuries that have made it difficult. In 2017, I suffered a Lisfranc fracture – an injury to the middle of my foot – while playing tennis. This led me to meeting Dr. Thomson and him performing my surgery. Following a successful… Read More

Robert Covington – Philadelphia 76ers

I was coming off a knee injury a couple of years ago when a friend of mine suggested MPOWER. She had previously gotten worked on here and she felt that MPOWER would be good for me. I started working with Dan and that went well and I’ve been coming back each offseason since. My primary… Read More

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