Wayne Rositano

I’ve come a long way with the help of the Elite physicians and the staff at MPOWER. I’m thankful for the care they’ve provided me along the way.

Jeff Gilner

It’s been steady progress since I’ve started physical therapy. Jess is a fantastic therapist that breaks everything down to you in a way that is easy to understand.

Chuck Glover

I’ve been working with my physical therapist, Jess, and her tech, Cory, who have kept me motivated throughout my time here. Jess is genuinely interested in making sure you are constantly improving. I came in with an attitude that I’m going to get better, and her and Cory have made sure that happens.

Linda Doyle – Resolution Challenge Winner

This competition, for me, was not about winning. It was about taking a first step to getting my life back. Five months ago, I was just transitioning off the walker from bilateral total knee replacement. Then, add in the extreme pain I’ve been living with for years, especially the last 4 or so from a… Read More

Zack Bailey

I’ve been training in Nashville and was recommended to MPOWER Performance Institute after suffering a broken fibula while playing football at University of South Carolina. My goal upon joining the physical therapy program was getting back to 100% health. I have the combine coming up soon and I need to be in top shape. So… Read More

Nathan Foriest – Professional Baseball Player

In 2010, I was a pitcher for my high school’s baseball team and I suffered a torn UCL and underwent Tommy John Surgery with Dr. Moore. He’s a top-notch doctor that I would recommend to anybody who has been in a similar position. He was extremely helpful, and I could tell that my care was… Read More

Phil Wenk

One of my goals is to decrease my risk of heart attack or other health conditions by staying fit. Keith has helped me get stronger and develop better conditioning.

Corey Robinson – NFL Offensive Lineman

I was seeking relief from my back and hip pain when my agent talked with some of the Elite doctors. They recommend me to MPOWER Performance Institute. I’ve really liked my time here. The whole staff is truly amazing, and it didn’t feel like rehab because it was such an enjoyable experience. We’ve done a… Read More

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