Sports Physical Therapy

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Whether you're recovering from a sports injury or looking for ways to improve your athletic performance, you may benefit from sports physical therapy. MPOWER Physical Therapy has a team of physical therapists, personal trainers, massage therapists, and nutrition specialists, to serve all your sports physical therapy needs. Schedule an appointment with us in Nashville or Franklin, TN! 



What is Sports Physical Therapy?

Sports physical therapy

Sports physical therapy is a branch of health care that focuses on the unique health needs of athletes and active individuals. This includes supporting recovery after a sports-related injury, health evaluations, assessments, and physical therapy to improve athletic performance.

MPOWER Physical Therapy is uniquely designed to care for athletes. Our team includes health professionals who have experience with all levels and types, including some of the best professional athletes.

Our unique and integrative approach to care is beyond compare, making us the best place to go for your sports physical therapy needs in Nashville and Franklin, TN. All your orthopedic needs can be found under one roof, allowing our physical therapists to consult with physicians, nurses, athletic trainers, and radiology technicians at any moment.

We work closely with the team at Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics to ensure the best patient care possible. Our team takes care of Elite Sports Medicine’s partners to help athletes get back on the field! We take care of a variety schools and teams including:

  • Trevecca Nazarene University
  • Lipscomb
  • Belmont Bruins
  • Harpeth Hall
  • Total Package Hockey
  • Harding Academy
  • Tennessee Soccer Club

When do I Need Sports Physical Therapy?

You may benefit from sports physical therapy if you have a sports-related injury, or you are an athlete looking to prevent injury. Physical activity is good for your health but can sometimes increase your risk of injury. Continuing to work out or play with an injury may worsen your condition and delay your recovery. 

Common injuries that benefit from comprehensive sports physical therapy include:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Tendonitis
  • Knee injuries
  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Rotator cuff injuries

Sports physical therapy at MPOWER Physical Therapy also benefits athletes who want to improve their athletic performance. The team can identify areas that may be holding you back and design a program that improves your strength, endurance, coordination, and agility.



What can I Expect During my Sports Physical Therapy Visit?

sports physical therapy

You can expect patient-focused care during your sports physical therapy visit at MPOWER Physical Therapy. The specifics of your treatment depend on your injury and personal athletic goals. 

Our physical therapists direct your sports physical therapy treatment plan. The goal of your plan is to restore, maintain, or improve your elite performance levels. 



Does Sports Physical Therapy Include Specialty Services?

In addition to your prescription exercise program, your physical therapist may include specialty services as part of your treatment. If you have a sports injury, you may benefit from the following specialty services: