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At MPOWER Physical Therapy in Nashville and Franklin, TN, we offer a wide range of physical therapy services to help you recover from injury and pain. Call us or book online today!

Physical Therapy in Nashville and Franklin, TN

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a specialized area of health care that focuses on improving the strength, flexibility, and function of the musculoskeletal system through movement. The MPOWER physical therapy team in Nashville and Franklin, TN uses exercise, hands-on techniques, and patient education to improve quality of life. 

MPOWER specializes in athletic injury rehabilitation, human performance, and fitness. They treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions including but not limited to:

  • Athletic injury rehabilitation
  • Spine care
  • Foot and ankle injuries 
  • Hip and knee injuries 
  • Shoulder, elbow, and wrist injuries 
  • Post operative care
  • Arthritis

Our Franklin and Nashville physical therapy team believe fitness is a key component to overall health and wellness.

Our Nashville Physical Therapy Team

Our physical therapists in Nashville and Franklin, TN work closely with orthopedic providers to develop a personalized treatment plan. They will help you improve flexibility, strength, and endurance, guiding you through exercises so you can continue them at home and on the go.

When physical therapy is complete, our physical therapists will help you design a plan to maintain, progress, and further improve your physical strength. They will keep you engaged in physical activities that are enjoyable, maintain your physical fitness level, and ultimately lead to a better quality of life.

State-of-the-Art Physical Therapy Facilities

The MPOWER physical therapy program offers indoor and outdoor turfs and state-of-the-art ergonomic equipment that provides patients with an unsurpassed physical therapy experience. MPOWER also provides advancements in the physical therapy field such as the anti-gravity treadmill, blood flow restriction training, dry needling, and advanced manual technologies.

Who Needs Physical Therapy?

Who needs physical therapy?

There are several reasons why you may need physical therapy. The team of physical therapists at MPOWER provides physical therapy services for adolescents and adults to improve many health conditions and performance goals. 

Some of the reasons people seek physical therapy care at MPOWER Physical Therapy include:

  • Rehabilitating from surgical interventions
  • Supporting recovery following a sports injury
  • Preventing a sports injury
  • Improving strength, balance, and mobility
  • Addressing movement dysfunction which may be limiting progression toward exercise goals

The physical therapists at MPOWER work side-by-side with their unique set of clinicians that includes certified personal trainers, licensed massage therapists, and orthopedists. 

The integrated team works together to help you take charge of your health and wellness. 

What Can I Expect During Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy

You can expect VIP treatment during your physical therapy sessions at MPOWER.

At your first visit, your physical therapist conducts a comprehensive initial assessment. During this visit, your physical therapist asks detailed questions about your symptoms and health concerns and how they affect your ability to manage your daily tasks. 

They also review your medical history and conduct an examination to evaluate muscle strength, coordination, balance, posture, and flexibility. 

Based on the information gathered during your initial visit, your physical therapist develops goals and a treatment plan. Your plan may include exercise sessions with the physical therapist or physical therapy tech, as well as a home exercise program. 

What are Physical Therapy Specialty Services?

The physical therapists at MPOWER specialize in various services. Some of the specialty services they offer include: 

Our team wants nothing more than to help you achieve your goals! We provide the tools and knowledge that will help you become the best version of yourself. 

Get the Most From Your Physical Therapy

It is important to spend time with your physical therapist so they can create a plan for the future. Avoid skipping appointments, and if they recommend at-home exercises to aid your physical therapy, remember to do those as well.

Your physical therapist will discuss any physical limitations you may have. Physical therapy requires patience and understanding from both you and your therapist.

To schedule your physical therapy assessment, call MPOWER or book online today. 

Physical Therapy