Director of Performance and Nutrition Dr. Tiff - Fueling Others Feeds My Soul

I cannot say that I grew up with dreams of analyzing daily food journals. I did not practice writing meal plans as a twinkle-eyed 12-year old. To say that I am exactly where I am supposed to be is an understatement. Every day, I have the opportunity to celebrate clients as they achieve their goals. Every day, I get to work alongside an amazing team of results-driven, performance-minded colleagues all striving for the same objective: to MPOWER change and take care of awesome people. What other dream is there?

When I was growing up, I was a highly competitive athlete. I played club and Olympic Development soccer starting at age 12. I also played AAU basketball and travel softball. At one point, I may have been asked to try out for a football team, but my mom quickly vetoed that. Long story short, I was a jock. I loved to compete, and I loved being part of a team; more than anything, I liked to win. This competitive instinct has allowed me to push thresholds and achieve many milestones in my personal and professional career. But the greatest reward is seeing a client walk in emotionally and mentally defeated, physically frustrated, knowing that I can be the answer to their freedom from those struggles.

Throughout my career I have seen two clients lose over 100 lbs., and many others between 50-70 lbs. These are life-saving, physically transforming results. I would be a liar if I said the numbers don’t matter in regards to health risk and changing the trajectory of someone’s future. However, it is the non-scale victories that last. It is a grandpa being able to get down on the floor and play with his grandchild. It is a bride feeling confident and beautiful walking down the aisle. It is an athlete putting on 10 lbs. of muscle and making the varsity team. It is a new mom losing the baby weight and modeling health and vitality for her family. Those examples have no numerical value, they are not defined by a number on the scale, or what is written on the tag of your favorite pants.

The best part of my job is the people. When I meet with clients in my office or chat with them about their daily food choices and their meal plan for the week, I get a glimpse into their reality. The challenge is being able to put me into their reality and help them to create a sustainable and manageable approach that works with their life. I will never expect a client to overhaul their life to fit a plan. Are there some sacrifices that have to be made? Sure. Are there some shifts in mindset, and new habits to be had? Of course. But it is my job to position them for success and help them find small changes that are going to lead to big results.

I am so grateful to have this job, and to work for a company and with a team that truly embodies what it means to be WELL. To have a passion for physical movement, personal health, exceeding expectations, and never settling for the status quo. Let’s Do This!


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Tiff Breeding, Ph.D., CSCS

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