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Nutrition may just be the most important element to consider when it comes to your health. What you eat can affect longevity, performance, and even happiness. MPOWER’s Nashville nutrition experts can help you feel and look your best!

Nutrition in Nashville and Franklin, TN

How Does Nutrition Affect Me?

Nutrition affects each person differently, but there are some ways that everyone can benefit from a nutrition specialist 

In general terms, nutrition refers to how food affects your body and health. The food you eat supplies your body with energy and essential nutrients. Your body then uses the energy and nutrients to perform many vital functions.  

There’s a strong connection between food choices and health. It’s no secret that eating a healthy, balanced diet may lower your risk of many chronic diseases, including heart disease and certain types of cancer. 

The Connection Between Nutrition and Performance/Recovery

Nutrition also plays an important role in sports performance and recovery from injury or surgery. The team at MPOWER Physical Therapy considers nutrition an essential component of your treatment plan and a pillar of your success. 

Our nutrition experts in Nashville and Franklin, TN create personalized nutrition programs that help you achieve your health and wellness goals. 


How can Nutrition Help Manage Chronic Disease? 

A nutrition specialist can help you manage chronic disease by establishing a nutrition plan unique to your needs. Some chronic illnesses that can be managed with a nutrition plan include: 

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol
  • Osteoporosis 
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Hormone imbalance 
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Obesity
  • Inflammatory disease/arthritis
  • Depression 

While many people understand the role genetics plays in developing long-term conditions, it is often underestimated the importance nutrition plays as well. Not only can nutrition help manage chronic illness, a proper nutrition plan can reduce your risk of developing them in the first place. 


Who Benefits From Nutrition Services?

MPOWER recommends nutrition services to support wellness, performance, and athletic recovery. 

You may also benefit from nutrition services if you’re not meeting your fitness or performance goals or are struggling to reach your weight goals. 

If your current nutrition has negatively impacted your life, give our Nashville nutrition experts a call to get on a path for success. 


What can I Expect From the MPOWER Nutrition Program? 

The experts at MPOWER take a holistic and integrative approach to nutrition. They create personalized nutrition programs that fit your lifestyle, personal preferences, and personal wellness goals. 

Some of the areas they cover include: 

  • Eating better without feeling deprived 
  • Dropping fad diets and conflicting advice 
  • The connection between fitness and nutrition 
  • Finding the right balance of macronutrients  
  • Creating meal plans that fuel your body 
  • Understanding your nutritional needs for a busy lifestyle 

The nutrition program at MPOWER isn’t a diet. The nutrition experts know that diets don’t always work. Their program is a systematic, performance-driven system designed to increase your metabolism and help you create small actionable changes that lead to big results. 

When transitioning to a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to understand how your body uses food as fuel and turns your sweat and hard work into chiseled muscles. 

The expert team at MPOWER can give you the tools you need to better understand how nutrition can positively impact your rehabilitation, performance, and overall health. To schedule your nutrition consultation in Nashville or Franklin, TN, call or request an appointment online today.