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How to Choose the Right Physical Therapist for You

Depending on your injury or condition, your doctor will likely prescribe physical therapy to manage pain. This could mean up to 2 or 3 sessions per week for at least 4 weeks. If you are spending this much time with someone, you should really trust and look forward to seeing them! So how do you know which physical therapist is right for you?


What Are Your Goals?

Physical therapists specialize in a multitude of pain management techniques. Some patients just want to get back to doing their daily tasks, like taking out the trash, while others may have goals of running a marathon. No matter where you are in your journey, it is important to choose a physical therapist who understands those goals and is familiar with working with similar patients. If your goal is to be able to complete daily tasks, you may want to see an occupational therapist. An occupational therapist tends to focus on your motor skills that can help get you back to work or playing with your grandkids.

If you are a more active person or “weekend warrior” you may want to see a physical therapist who works with athletes. At MPOWER, all our physical therapists work with athletes and active people. They are well versed in not only getting back to where you were but getting you better than where you were before!

Personality and Compatibility

Physical therapy can be a very hands-on experience. Since most patients come to PT in pain and discomfort, it can be easy to feel frustrated or uneasy. Choose a physical therapist you feel comfortable enough to alert when you are in pain and would like to try something different. See our physical therapists and their backgrounds here.


Making sure your goals align with your therapist is key, but the location will also play a role in choosing a physical therapist. Since most physical therapy prescriptions recommend going more than once a week, you want to make sure getting there is convenient. Choosing a physical therapist closer to your home or workplace will also be convenient if you need additional care the same day. At MPOWER we have 3 convenient locations for physical therapy in Nashville and Franklin Tennessee.

Does Your Insurance Cover Physical Therapy?

Most insurances will cover physical therapy, but it is very important to know exactly how much and under what conditions do they cover physical therapy. Though MPOWER accepts most major insurances, it is important to first talk to your insurance company to know exactly what is and is not covered during your treatment.


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The world of physical therapy is broad, and each physical therapist has different techniques, experiences, and specializations. You spend a lot of time with your physical therapist, making it important to choose the right physical therapist for you.