These 5 Exercises May be the Reason for Your Back Pain

Are you an active person who suffers from occasional back pain? Certain exercises could be the culprit of your back pain. Without proper form and knowledge of exercises that cause back pain, you could do long-term damage to your back. We encourage all our patients to seek the advice of a certified personal trainer or physical therapist to review your workout routine to ensure proper form. If the professional sees areas of concern in your routine, it could help save your back from future pain!


Exercises to Avoid


Deadlifts / Squats

One of the most common types of exercises that cause back pain, or a back injury is the deadlift. Many people who deadlift fail to learn the proper form, leading to low back pain and even injuries such as a herniated disc. Even if you look up exercises online and follow a YouTube tutorial on how to perform the exercise, you may need to seek professional help for your specific body. Everyone is different, so your deadlift or squat may look different than someone else in order to protect your back.

Tips to Avoid Back Pain when Deadlifting:

Avoid rounding or hunching your shoulders when lifting the weight. Instead, keep a straight back and drive your hips forward instead of lifting your chest. You want to focus on your leg and glutes doing the work instead of straining your back.


Crunches / Sit Ups

Are you surprised a core exercise could be bad for your back? Though your core is the most important muscle group to strengthen if you have back pain, if you have improper form, it will cause pain.

Tips to Avoid Back Pain When Crunching:

Instead of crunching your core, straighten your back the entire way forward while keeping your chest up. Try aiming your chest for the sky instead or towards your knees.

Twisting Exercises- Lateral Ski Jumps

Any exercise that twists your back will put a strain on your spine- especially if added weight is involved. This exercise is great cardio if you are looking to get your heart rate up, but may not be the best option for those with back pain. Instead of doing a high-intensity jumping exercise, try doing another cardiovascular activity like cycling or swimming.


Sled Push

This exercise is also a great cardiovascular exercise that also works as a full-body strength training workout. Like any exercise, without proper form, it can, unfortunately, lead to back pain. Make sure you are keeping your back straight and your feet straight while pushing. Do not cross your feet from side to side or arch your back. Instead, focus on a tight core and straight hip until you reach the finish line!

Strengthening your core and using proper form is the best way to avoid back pain while exercising. Our team of personal trainers and physical therapists will work with your specific body type to form the best workout regime for you. If you would like to ensure your routine is the best, most joint-friendly routine possible, schedule an appointment with a personal trainer or physical therapist in our Nashville or Franklin, TN locations today!

Cassie Whittaker Cassie is the Communications Coordinator for Elite Sports Medicine + Orthopedics. She has been writing and reviewing medical content since 2020.

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